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If you think life experience and finding the right attitude for your own path of life is just a matter of age? Then I may tell you the today´s interview partner Adam Bader is showing, that this must not be necessarily true at all. He is an extraordinary example of how this can be achieved even in younger age!

Just some weeks ago, he turned to 28. But considering what he already went through and what he has been achieved in his young age, is simply breath-taking! In the age of 16 he created a blog about Real Madrid. This blog took off very quickly and was so good, that a couple of years later he became approached by the Digital Business Director of Real Madrid for a job offer as Social Media Manager. Within 5 years he and his team managed to grow Real´s social media presence from 4 Mio. people to 140 Mio. people!!! And Adam´s comment about this is just ”To be honest, this was not so difficult, because Real Madrid is a very strong brand.” Nice understatement, any further questions…?

He is also involved in space exploration! Listening to his statements in this regard may serve for all of us as a kind of an eye opener! When he envisions in this interview a future, where humans will be multi planetary and why we need a “back-up” planet, then this has nothing to do with science fiction, at least from my and many other´s perspective! For him the space industry is like the internet industry in the 80s or the aviation industry in the 20s, it was only for rich people, not mainstream. From the business side he wants to be part of that, because he sees a huge opportunity. But his real motivation is, that space exploration is extremely important for survival of life, not just for the human species. Very interesting and special insights he is granting here…, promised!

These are only two examples of his impressive CV and all of them fits perfectly to his statement: “All that matters is what you can do! Do not something because everybody else is doing that! Don´t go this scripted life path!”


Profile interview partner

Name: Adam Bader

Age: 28

Place of birth: Derna, Libya

Residence: Miami, FL/ USA

Marital status: Single

Children: None

Professional education: MBA in Sports Management

Current profession: Managing Editor of Digital for beIN SPORTS USA

Interests, hobbies: Reading, Football, movies, internet, video games, space travel, tech…

„Everything popular is wrong!

(Meaning: Don´t do something just because everyone else is doing it)

(Adam Bader)

No-no“ that he is unwilling to tolerate at all: Violence, people who are not open to other people/ cultures, close minded people


Professional career

Adam Bader does not have any formal education, but also therefor exists a prudential reason, which he explains here quite catchy. But he always knew and knows exactly what he wants to do, namely following his passion. His core passion is technology, and football is for him just a passionate hobby. Looking on his young CV, one can see that he managed to combine his passions together, which are football, technology, internet and space, even though that space was at the beginning on a smaller scale.

His dad was selling satellite dishes and in the age of 15 he created his first own online website called Satmoz, where he was teaching people how to install them on their own. He built it to 1 Mio. users and 80.000 members, IN THE AGE OF 15!!! Actually, that time he was quite impressed to see how he could earn money with the internet. Following to this first internet appearance, he decided to start with 16 an English blog about Real Madrid. After building this extremely successful, he sold his blog and moved to Madrid, where he became hired from Real Madrid after a short while as Social Media Manager, in order to build their social media presence.

Apart from Real Madrid, he worked for Real Madrid TV and had his own digital agency, which did work for Generation Adidas, Qurami and a few other companies. Speaking of Qurami, another very interesting company, where he was also strongly involved in the start-up. They developed an iphone app, which allows to queue in a line without being physically there. The app gives you real time updated about how far you are away from queue no. 3 or 2 in e.g. a postal-office counter. Finally an app, which is saving time instead of wasting time… 😉

These were just a few extracts of his exciting CV, more details and more amazing projects he has been involved, you may find up to date also on his linkedin profile

And as mentioned before, his passion has been always with space exploration, but he neither had a formal education nor a technical background for this, so he decided to apply as a volunteer for the organization Asteroid Day. One is not wondering, that he has been doing that also so good, that he is today an inherent part on the digital media side of Asteroid Day and with this a step closer to his dream, which is travelling to space.

Everything he´s doing, he does with such an energy, speed and a focus, and always in combination with a respectable attitude towards life, that it is an absolute pleasure listening to him! Hope you enjoy this interview as I did! J

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Content abridged podcast

In the abridged version of this interview (33:10 min.) you will hear amongst others about …

  • why it´s not science fiction that people should know more about Asteroid Day
  • why from his point of view the human species needs a “back-up planet”
  • how to save real time for everyday life through an App of Qurami
  • how he got this amazing job opportunity as Social Media Manager for Real Madrid
  • his success factors at Real Madrid, building the social media presence from 4 Mio. to 140 Mio. visitors in just 5 years!

Content unabridged original version

The unabridged original version in full length (43:22 min.) opens you additionally the opportunity to hear about…

  • why he left his “dream job” at Real Madrid and went for a new challenge
  • how he managed in the age of 15 his first internet start-up with 1 Mio. visitors and 80.000 members
  • how he is helping to develop the Youth Football League in India

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