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Seldom did a title of a podcast episode describe the personality of an interview partner any better than the today´s one: „It wont work, doesn´t work for him!“ Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright is really an extraordinary example for what one can achieve with the right attitude and an absolute will power!

He started his professional career from scratch and became confronted in his childhood with racism because of his skin colour. All in all, these circumstances made a contribution to becoming this extraordinary personality, he is today!

Professionally, he is today a super successful dentist respectively surgeon with an excellent reputation worldwide. His patients are coming from all over the world, in order to receive medical treatments from this expert! No wonder, that the dental practice he had founded several years ago in Düsseldorf is meanwhile among the top 5 in Germany!

But it is even more impressive and wonderful to see, that he has been achieving this with standing for values and living human greatness! A leadership style which unfortunately is not so common anymore those days in our society. Even with all the success-stories around him and his business, he has never forgotten where he is coming from and remains always grounded, which he underlines in this interview quite impressively!

His life motto is: „Whenever you have a life plan, what ever you want to do, and you have the will and options to do so, you can achieve everything you want!“ And in this regard you may expect here a real firework of inspirations from him! Besides the fact, that he has been also a passionate Footballer!

Apart from his professional career, he will underline this in a quite impressive manner through different life stories as e.g.:

  • his participation at the Judoca event „U40 German Championship“ with !!!ONLY!!! 6 weeks preparation (after being out of this sport for 10 years)
  • or the diagnosis of becoming a cripple, which he simply did not accept, and today he is playing again soccer without any problems
  • or his experience related to spontaneous healing of cancer

He understands himself as a problem solver, a solution provider! And that´s the way, he has been acting his whole life, professionally as well as for his private activities.


Profile interview partner

Name: Marcel Arthur Wainwright

Age: 46

Residence: Lendersdorf (nearby Cologne)

Residence: Düsseldorf/ Stockholm

Marital status: Divorced

Children: 1 son

Professional education: Medical dental medicine

Current profession: Holistic and cosmetic dentist respively surgeon in his own dental clinic

Interests, hobbies: Ball sports (perferably: soccer), any kind of water sports (preferably: scuba diving, kite and wind surfing), give him a ball and he his happy…

„Whenever you have a life plan, what ever you want to do, and you have the will and options to do so, you can achieve everything you want! 

(Marcel Wainwright)

No-no“ that he is unwilling to tolerate at all: Ignorance, stupidness, intolerance, taking lives


Professional career

Marcel studied dental medicine at the RWTH Aachen and acquired the title as professor in the age of 38. He had founded several years ago his own dental practice in Düsseldorf, and even though, that he is offering his international patients a limo service from and to the airport, he is setting a very high value on treating all his patients equally without any privileges. No priorities, no differences in the treatment, independent from the financial status and if prominent or not!

Additionally he is travelling the world, lecturing worldwide and teaching at different universities. And just right now he is in the process to move his centre of life to Stockholm/ Sweden. Much more about his outstanding professional achievements can be read here ( But even more impressive is what this outstanding character has to tell here in this interview, a real character with the heart on the right spot!

I´m not exaggerating, when telling you, that this interview can be seen as a kind of a lesson for life, if you are ready to take your time and listen carefully to his statements! It´s definteley worth it!!!

You may expect here as usual a shortened version of the interview (35:53 min.) and the unabridged original version (75:37 min.). To get free access to the unabridged original version, simply click on the „VIP“ area and get your password. Then continue under „VIP“ in the corresponding podcast at minute 33:57, if you  want to avoid any repetition from the shortened version.


Content abridged podcast

In the abridged version of this interview (35:53 min.) you will hear amongst others about …

  • why having a vision makes a difference in the achievement of goals
  • why delivering high quality should be independent from customer´s financial situation
  • why his activity as a flying doctor to Africa is giving him personally so much
  • his personal explanation, why the occupational group of dentists is affected by the highest suicide rate
  • his advice to his students, what the best treatment plan is (and this can be transferred easily to other professional groups!)
  • how he became aware, before all Bundesliga manager, that one of the most famous Bundesliga player will leave the Bundesliga
  • how he got his tremendous mental strength
  • which fascinating and interesting statement he is giving about spontaneous healing of cancer
  • how he managed to finish a 5th rank during the „German Juduko Over 40“, with a preparation period of !!!only 6 weeks!!! after being away from this sport for 10 years!

Content unabridged original version

The unabridged original version in full length (75:37 min.) opens you additionally the opportunity to hear about…

  • another experience of his life, when he was joining the training of the Haitian national team for the winter Olympics
  • how he changed his plan of becoming an actor towards becoming a dentist
  • what is so fascinating for him in visiting foreign countries
  • his language preparations for his move to Stockholm
  • how he is overcoming daily professional challenges
  • a funny story, when one of his female patients was unexpectedly showing off her boob job in his dental chair 😉
  • which persons had a significant influence on his life
  • his interesting view in terms of parallels between sport and a normal job, which shows his leadership qualities far away from mainstream
  • how he is creating an „us feeling“ in his team
  • with which simple methods he is calming down from stressful situations
  • why diversity on this planet is for him one of the most precious things
  • what quality of life means to him
  • which wishes he still has for his future

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Dental practice of Marcel Wainwright:  www.dentalspecialists.en


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