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Ricardo_OlympiaRio2016_orig_290x265Be prepared for another audio-firework with Ricardo Setyon! Ricardo – world traveller and speaking 8 languages – has a lot more to share in today´s 2nd part of his podcast interview. No wonder, because only one podcast episode is a bit short for somebody, who lived on almost all continents and who has accompanied 8 Football World Cups, 10 Under 20 FIFA World Cups and 6 Summer Olympic Games, besides numerous coverages in the Formula 1 during 6,5 years.

Ricardo, as a close friend of Zico, was also acting as senior consultant in Zico´s campaign for his FIFA Presidential Candidature. Very interesting, what he is going to explain here with regard to this candidature and Zico´s reasons for his withdrawal! And this topic could´nt be more up to date after the recent elections for FIFA president just one week ago…!

It´s up to everybody oneself to consider the nomination process for such a candidature and the belonging mechanism as a mirror image of our society and this in many respects… Just as the current situation of Ricardo´s sport students, which should also be thought-provoking with regard to their future prospects in Brasil and with regard to the existing form of society! And the Brasilian circumstances are not so far away from Europe or any other places in the world as the public media may try to make us thinking.

A personality as Ricardo in any case enjoys tremendously spending time together with quality people and prefers opening his arms instead of closing them!


Profile interview partner

Name: Richard Setyon

Age: 52

Residence: Sao Paulo

Marital status: Single

Children: No

Professional education: Dr. in Sports Management, major in psychology, political science and international relationships

Current profession: Professor at theTrevisan University in Sport Management and consultant for sport management projects in Brasil and abroad

Interests, hobbies: Travelling, reading and sports

„Listen more than talk! 

(Ricardo Setyon)

No-no“ that he is unwilling to tolerate at all: Injustice, lack of respect, racism and religious limitations

Professional career

He is not only an international sport expert with an outstanding treasure trove of experience, but also a fascinating character who has really a lot to share with other like-minded people.

Enjoy the continuation of Ricardo´s interview with today´s second and last part 2!

You may expect here an abridged version of this interview part (37:36 Min.) and the unabridged original version in full length (71:18). When you have listened to the abridged version and you want to continue listening to the unabridged version, then start simply in the unabridged one at 34:39 min., in order to avoid any repetitions.


Content abridged podcast

In the abridged version of this interview you will hear amongst others about …

  • the worldwide merits of Zico as player as well as a coach and about his outstanding performance as a pioneer in Japan and other countries
  • what he and Zico have not talked too much about in any media: Why Zico´s FIFA Presidential Candidature was a lost battle from the beginning …!
  • corruption and the future in sports in Brazil, 200 days before the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro
  • what he recommends to his students for their future path of life
  • what every idol can learn from these 4 personalities: Zagallo, Scolari, Rivaldo and Pele!
  • how a former encounter with Diego Maradona helped him to achieve an exclusive interview with Michael Schumacher
  • Ronaldo´s arrival at the „Stade de France“ with a cab, 45 minutes before the final in Paris in 1998, coming straight from the hospital …
  • his feelings after the terrible 1:7 defeat in the semi-final against Germany


Content unabridged, original version

The version in full length opens you additionally the opportunity to hear about…

  • the funny story, how it came that he lived for one year in Ghana
  • his profound bonds with Japan and how he became an owner of a football magazin there
  • his special encounters with Ronaldinho and Keith Cooper and a touching life story related to his best friend in Japan, which all together had a significant influence on his path of life
  • an interesting perspective referring to the comparison between sport and a normal profession
  • his top 4 ingredients, which he sets value on forming a successful team in his everyday life
  • which situations trigger stress for him
  • his own personal guideline, he´s always following, when travelling the world and which has been enriching his life in a tremendous way
  • what quality of life means to him
  • the wishes/ desires he still wants to realize in the future

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