EGQT004 – He turned his passion into his profession – Interview with German Arguelles

German Arguelles belongs to these lucky people, who wake up in the morning the majority of days and feel so much energy, that they want to RUN to work! And it has to be mentioned, that before he [...]


GQT032 – 80 Jahre Rückblick einer Aachener Fußball-Legende – Interview mit Jupp Martinelli

Jupp Martinelli ist wahrlich eine Aachener Fußball Legende, wie sie im Buche steht. Er hat vor kurzem noch ganz frisch seinen 80sten Geburtstag gefeiert und teilt hier mit uns seine Ansichten, [...]


EGQT003 – It won´t work…, doesn´t work for him – Interview with Marcel Wainwright

Seldom did a title of a podcast episode describe the personality of an interview partner any better than the today´s one: „It wont work, doesn´t work for him!“ Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright is [...]